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This book gives an insight into some aspects of life in North Walsham in the 19th century. It is produced as a result of the enthusiasm and hard work of a small, dedicated team who have spent many hours researching and writing. Particular mention should be made of Kathlene Grimes and Iris Marshall, both contributors to 'North Walsham in the 18th Century' as it is due to their efforts that this local history group was first set up. It has given me much pleasure to work with the group and I thank them for their support and hospitality at our many meetings. I also thank them for their sustained efforts and for their patience in the arduous and, sometimes, tedious tasks involved in the production of this book. It is realised that only a small fraction of the town's history has been explored and it is hoped that some readers will be sufficiently stimulated to make further exploration.
Pam Warren, Editor

Contributions by:
Arthur Brown, Olwen Green, Kathlene Grimes, Dorothy Kimmings, Iris E.E. Marshall, Enid Rothwell, Eileen Steele, Helen Widdowson.

We acknowledge the assistance of the staff at the Norfolk Record Office and the Norfolk Local Studies Library. We are grateful to the Vicar of North Walsham, the Rev. Martin Smith, for permission to use the parish papers and to Mr. Arthur Brown, Archivist to St. Nicholas Parish Church for making these available on numerous occasions. We thank Mr. C. Tooth for the loan of manuscript material and Megan Green and Peter Robins for assistance. We are also grateful to a number of others who have loaned illustrations and given help and information, most of whom are acknowledged in the appropriate sections of this book.
Notes have not been used in the text but all sources are given in detail at the end of each chapter.

N.R.O. - Norfolk Record Office
N.L.S.L. - Norfolk Local Studies Library

The Parish Papers are held at St. Nicholas Parish Church, North Walsham.