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  • Strolling in North Walsham with C. H. CRIPSEY
    Strolling in North Walsham with C. H. CRIPSEY First published in "Norfolk Fair" magazine - November/December 1967 THE overcast sky was breaking up on a late September Monday morning as I drove over ...
  • The Ling family‚Äôs association with North Walsham
    The Ling family’s association with North Walsham Methodist Church(an account by David Ling) My grandfather, Frederick Ling was born in Aspley Green, Bedfordshire on 11 February 1872 ...
  • Waxham cum Palling 1875 - 1975
    "North East Norfolk Country Churchman Centenery Magazine 1875-1975"FROM THE PARISHES WAXHAM CUM PALLING "THOSE WERE THE DAYS!" 1875-1975 (an exttact from the notes of O. G. Ready)In the choir of Wax...