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Mundesley Road around 1900. - North Walsham Photograph

Mundesley Road around 1900.

(Early 1900s / North Walsham, Norfolk)

This view of about 1910 was taken beside the cemetery wall. Formerly named Swafield Lane, Mundesley Road has several historical connections. In the eighteenth century the workhouse was on this road. In 1877, at 'Kyneton', the Misses Cooke started their school for girls. In the 1890's the Continental Relay Station was built, receiving three cables from the shore at Bacton and one from Mundesley. Also, during World War I, 'Wellingtonia' was a Red Cross Hospital.

Photo contributed by Jonathan Watts. Part of the Stanley Watts Collection.

Photograph. Mundesley Road around 1900. (North Walsham Archive).

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