North Walsham & District Community Archive


North Walsham Past and Present. Published 1975.


"There is little to see in North Walsham, and it can best be seen by starting from the church".

N. Pevsner, 1962


This is the first part of what I hope will develop into a complete survey of the past and present of a fascinating town which was dismissed so superficially by Dr Pevsner on his brief visit here.
The topics chosen for this volume are those most relevant to the Local Studies programme pursued at various levels in the High School. The lengthy bibliography is intended as a guide to those who wish to delve even more deeply into any of the topics here. This will be extended to future topics and include any omitted here in a later volume. In addition there will be a handbook for teachers using this book, containing further activities, simulations and matter of educational rather than general interest. Price will be 20p, from the High School.
My own interests range over Geography,Geology, Economic and Transport History. Subsequently it is intended that there should be sections on Natural History in the parish, Biographies of personalities, a study of the churches, Services such as gas, water, hospitals, police etc. ,a detailed study of 20th century developments, Entertainment and Architecture, also local government and an extended photographic section. If interested people who have information or who would like to write particular sections would contact me, I shall be happy to consider their material.

The High School
North Walsham, 1975.