North Walsham & District Community Archive


North Walsham Past and Present. Published 1975.


All books owe much to other people who contribute material, suggest topics, criticise constructively or collaborate in any of a hundred ways.

We would like to thank the townsfolk for their help in making surveys, to firms in the town who have given information and illustrations and to the libraries of Norfolk County Council who have produced much rare material for our appraisal.

Girls past and present at the High School have made a great contribution to this book, both directly as artists and cartographers and also as surveyors and producers of leads. Brenda Norton, Frances Browne and Sally Howarth produced the drawings under the helpful eye of Peter Forrester.

Further afield, the Public Record Office at Porchesteri Road and Chancery Lane has been most helpful, as have the University libraries of East Anglia, London, Cambridge and Leicester.

 North Walsham Population Trends




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