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Photos associated with "war" from the North Walsham, Norfolk area.

Photos on this page are grouped together under the tag "war" as these photos from North Walsham and local Norfolk area are related in some way by "war".

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    North Walsham Past and Present. Published 1975. FIRE & CIVIL WAR The 17th century-started with a fire in North Walsham whose consequences for a small town must have been as serious in its way as...
  • Strolling in North Walsham with C. H. CRIPSEY
    Strolling in North Walsham with C. H. CRIPSEY First published in "Norfolk Fair" magazine - November/December 1967 THE overcast sky was breaking up on a late September Monday morning as I drove over ...
  • World War II Letter from Frances in North Walsham
    This isn't from the press but it seemed like the best section to add this into for now. A letter sent from Frances to her Dad on 24th June 1940 from North Walsham. Thank you to Helen Eales for contrib...