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Dilham 1875 - 1975

"North East Norfolk Country Churchman Centenery Magazine 1875-1975"

DILHAM 1875-1975

Life in Dilham 100 years ago would have in general revolved round agriculture and other work connected with it.

At the time there would have been two mills grinding grain produced locally. One a windmill situated near the centre of the village, and the other a water mill near Dilham Broad, which at the time was a fair expanse of water. Some of the flour and animal foods produced by the mills would have been transported by wherries, possibly to Great Yarmouth. Dilham Islands connected by Ornamental bridges would have existed in all their glory - a place of great beauty according to old stories.

The Church is dedicated to St. Nicholas. The nave was rebuilt in 1775, two hundred years ago. The old square tower, a photograph of which is the treasured possession of a present resident, was pulled down in the 1830's and replaced by a round tower. This collapsed in 1897. The bell was rehung about a year later, in a wooden frame, the rope being brought through a pipe inside the remains of the tower. Tablets on the walls of the church record various restorations. The registers date from 1568. The Rector one hundred years ago was The Revd. J. A. Laurence who served the parish from 1872 to 1929 and is still fondly remembered.