North Walsham & District Community Archive


The railway  between the market town of North Walsham and the city of Norwich, which has been in course of construction for several years past, has at length been completed. On Friday and Saturday last it was officially inspected by Captain Tyler, of the  Board of Trade, and a certificate having been granted that the line was in a most satisfactory condition, it was opened for public traffic this day (Tuesday).  The line is a single one, and is fourteen miles and one furlong in length; but the whole distance from Norwich is sixteen miles. It commences at a junction with the Norwich and Brundall line at Thorpe St. Andrew, where a most convenient station has been erected at a short distance from the scene of the recent accident, and within a few yards of the Norwich and Yarmouth Turnpike. From this point the line proceeds by a rather steep ascending curve, crossing the road by a substantial arch built of brick with iron girders; it then passes through the parishes of Great Plumstead, Little Plumstead, Rackheath, Salhouse, Wroxham, Hoveton St. John, Belaugh, Hoveton St. Peter, Tunstead, Sloley, and Worstead, and the terminus is at a station adjoining the main road just outside the town of North Walsham. There are three other stations besides  those at Whitlingham and North Walsham, viz, Salhouse, Wroxham, and Worstead. On Monday afternoon the District Superintendent (Mr. T. Stevenson), made a final survey of the line, placed the officials, and gave them final instructions. The first train started from North Walsham at 6.16 a.m. this (Tuesday) morning. The published time tables show that for the present at all events  five  trains will run each way daily, except on Saturdays, when there will be a sixth or Market Train. On Sundays there will be two trains each way. The line is, as we have said, a single oue, and will be worked under train staff regulations by tho Great Eastern Railway  Company. From Norwich (Thorpe) to Whitlingham Junction the line is now double; but it still remains single from that point to Brundall. The working under Train Telegraph Regulations on this section of the line will be discontinued, and from today the trains will be passed over tho single line by Train Staff or Train Staff Ticket.

There can be no doubt that the opening of this line will be greatly to the advantage of the town of North Walsham; and we understand that there is every probability of the railway being continued to the fashionable watering place of Cromer.

Norwich Mercury. 12/10/1874