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"My Little Town" by Edna Stone

"My Little Town" by Edna Stone

North Walsham Market Cross 2021

by Edna Stone

I’ve lived in North Walsham all my life, and love my little town,
But so many people nowadays seem to enjoy shouting it down,
Yes, of course it’s changed over the years, for time cannot stand still,
We’ve seen different shops and businesses and I suppose we always will!
Well, we have a really lovely park which we can enjoy walking through,
We have a nice library to borrow good books if it’s reading we like to do.
We have schools and a sixth form college where our children can study and learn,
We have a hospital , also a fire station, (tho we hope our houses won’t burn!)
We have a historic market cross which in the town’s main street can be found,
If we want to go somewhere to worship and pray, there are many fine churches around.

Holding different activities throughout the year, we have a community centre too,
There’s also a Sports Centre and Atrium, there really is plenty to do!
There are nice restaurants and café’s where we can enjoy something to eat,
Hairdressers to see to our topknots, and chiropodists to tend to our feet!
There are dentists and doctors to help us, though we hope we’re more well than ill!
We have buses to use for transport, and we do have a train station still

These are just some of the places which in our town today can be found,
And this corner of God‘s vineyard is usually quite safe and sound!
Yes. It‘s the town I was born and bred in, and God willing I hope that I
Will keep enjoying all it offers me, and hope to live here till I die!