North Walsham & District Community Archive

Mr Griston films

North Walsham film footage from Mr Griston

Paston Grammar School, North Walsham, Norfolk. c1940.

Event in the grounds of Paston Grammar School on Grammar School Road, North Walsham. Probably around 1940. Filmed by J. Arthur Griston and contributed by his son Geoff Griston to the North Walsham & District Community Archive.

Griston family home movies, North Walsham. 1940s

Film taken by J. Arthur Griston of his family at their home in North Walsham during the 1940s. Mr Griston was partner in the familiar North Walsham Market Place shop "Oliver & Griston" and a keen photographer. Thank you to Mr Griston's son, Geoff Griston, for contributing this film footage to the North Walsham & District Community Archive.

Griston family, North Walsham - winter 1947

Griston family filmed around North Walsham in the winter of 1947.

Pea Harvesting near North Walsham, Norfolk.

Old film of pea harvesting near North Walsham, Norfolk probably 1950s. Filmed by Mr Griston and contributed to North Walsham & District Community Archive by his son, Geoff Griston.

North Walsham Wedding 1950s

Colour film footage of a wedding taking place at St Nicholas Church in North Walsham and guests in North Walsham Market Place filmed on Super-8 by Mr Griston, a chemist in the town and keen photographer. This is possibly the earliest colour film of North Walsham that exists. Thanks to Geoff Griston, a member of North Walsham & District Community Archive, for contributing this film to the archives.

1937 Coronation celebrations in North Walsham, Norfolk.

Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth celebrations in North Walsham on May 12th 1937 filmed by Mr Griston. Celebrations in North Walsham Market Place, outside the Regal Cinema on New Road, in front of the Council School on Manor Road and games on the People's Park on Pound Road.

Skating on Captain's Pond, Westwick 1937

Back in the good old days when winters really were winters, Captain's Pond in Westwick, just outside of North Walsham, would freeze over completely and people from miles around would head down there to have fun skating and playing ice hockey. This movie was made approximately 1937 by Mr Griston of North Walsham.

Thank you to Geoff Griston, Mr Griston's son, for contributing this film footage to the archive.